Transparent Car Isolation Plastic

There are barriers worth keeping. And with the current situation that we are in right now, our safety must always be our priority. That’s what Payzumo’s Transparent Car Isolation Plastic offers you. Car Isolation Film Anti-Droplets Transmission Fully Enclosed ...It’s a car isolation film that prevents the spread of bacteria, viruses, and droplets. It is also known to do away with the spread of smokes and other odors. As its name suggests, the Transparent Car Isolation Plastic ensures a clear view without blocking the field of view and partitions of spaces. 

The Transparent Car Isolation Plastic is the best armor that each car owner and taxi driver must have during this time of need. 

China Car Back Seat Isolation Film Cover Prevents Saliva From ...


Color: Transparent

Material: PVC

Size 1.4M x 1.8M

Package weight: 600g /21.16oz


1: Stick the hook tape to the car roof and press it back and forth repeatedly. (Note: The tape on models with roof lights must be attached to the roof.) Since the surface of the roof light is smooth, the tape is more reliable here.

2: Stick the tape to the sidecar paint and press it back and forth (because the car paint surface is smooth, the tape is more durable here)

3: Tear off the backing paper of the matte side tape, and center the film on the left and right.

4: Press the bottom of the film with a footpad.

Note: The film can be reused, but disinfection must be taken into consideration at all times. 


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