Product Features:

⭕️Foot bath Massager offers you a relaxing massage that includes bubbles, heating, and ozone all-in-one
 ⭕️ A treat for your feet, this one-piece tub comes with a control panel, an adaptor, and an instruction manual
⭕️ You get the benefits of soothing heat with rapid warming, air bubbles, and added oxygen or ozone sterilization
⭕️ A high magnetic ability, the foot bath has a basket design with excellent finish
⭕️ The Multifunction Foot Bath Massager is the perfect combination of the point massage theory with traditional technology
⭕️ It provides you with several therapies like heat and bubble therapy, vibration massage, infrared heating therapy and magnetotherapy
⭕️ This foot massager soothes and invigorates to revive tired feet, improve sleep and increase your blood circulation
⭕️ Infrared light
⭕️ Heat control
⭕️ Vibration at the bottom of the tub when power is on
⭕️ Pedi-stone for feet’s dead skin removal
⭕️ Herbs may be added for a relaxing herbal soak
⭕️ Can also be used as a bubble spa


◼️ Material: Safe PP
◼️ Voltage: 220v
◼️ Power: 600W
◼️ Highest water temperature: 95 Celcius 
◼️ Weight: Approximately 3kg
◼️ Water Volume: 4.5 liter
◼️ Dimensions: 39 x 23 x 43 (cm)


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