2 in 1 Hair Dryer & Styler

Show off your elite side of being a lady. Achieve the beautiful, natural, smooth, silky, and lustrous hair that will leave men in awe. If you’re looking for the best brush in the market that will give you the value of your money, then you must arm yourself with the 2-In-1 Hair Dryer & Styler

LY FASHION Hot Air Brush, One Step Hair Dryer & Styler & Volumizer  Multi-functional High-

It is both a styler and dryer in one. Now you can minimize the tools you need in your kit and lessen the time for preparation to be beautiful. 


It is a perfect combination of hair drying and creating classic, smooth curls. It will save you time in preparing because you can hit two goals in 1 comb for your preparation. 


Too much exposure of your hair to hot air comb can lead to hair’s moisture loss. But the speed drying mechanism of the 2-In-1 Hair Dryer & Styler reduces the exposure of your hair to heat which results in lessened frizz and static for a soft and shiny hair. 


Choose among the 3 heating speed setting of your choice. By selecting the right setting, you can enhance the styling flexibility for an elegant, undamaged hair. 

One Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer (2 In 1) – Ukilio

Usage Tips:

  1. To dry faster: use a towel to remove excess water first.
  2. To achieve voluminous hair: hold the brush close to the root and roll to the ends.
  3. To achieve smooth straight hair: brush smooth towards the end.


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